Chapter Five


  • What is Yuishinkai Kobujutsu?
  • Is it any different from any of the many other martial arts Ryu or styles?
  • Who was Inoue O’sensei?
  • Why was he so highly respected in Japanese martial arts organisations?
  • Who were his teachers?

Ryu Kyu KobujutsuInoue O’sensei (1918 – 1993) was the founder of Yuishinkai Kobujutsu. He was in the army during the Second World War (1939 – 1945).  He was in Burma with the Japanese army.

He had four main martial arts teachers.  The Zen scriptures were used and the name Yuishin Kai was created.  A direct translation would be “Only Heart” (Kokoro) – or Earnest Spirit.

The Inoue family is a very honourable family in Japan. Inoue O’sensei’s Grandfather was Inoue Katsunosuke.  He was the British Ambassador from 1913 to 1917.  Inoue O’sensei’s own father, Inoue Chiyoko, was a General in the Japanese army and served in Burma during the Second World War.

Much has been written about the men that taught Inoue O’sensei.

Fujita Seiko

His mentor was Fujita Seiko (1897–1970) who was the 14th Headmaster of the Koga Ninja Ryu. Inoue O’sensei was taught Fujita’s form of Aikijutsu, Taijutsu, Diaen Ryu Jojutsu, Shurikenjutsu and other arts.  Fujita controlled his martial arts development and sent him to train under the other masters.

Konishi Yasuhiro

Konishi Yasuhiro (1893 – 1983) was the headmaster of Shindo Shizen Ryu.

Konishi was a very strong Kendo Master and held a Kendo Kyoshi teaching licence. He trained Inoue O’sensei in Karatejutsu.

Taira Shinken

Taira Shinken (Maezato) (1897 – 1970) trained Inoue O’sensei in Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu.

Over the years, he travelled to Japan many times. Inoue O’sensei was his senior student and as such received the Menkyo as the next head of the society.

Between Taira and Inoue O’sensei, they investigated, researched and recorded the old weapons and karate kata of Okinawa.  The basic aims of this society are concerned with preserving and teaching the traditional Kata’s and techniques of Emono jutsu and Toshu jutsu.

Gozo Shioda

Gozo Shioda (1915–1994) was a top student of Ueshiba Moriha, the founder of Aikido.  He had formed his own aikido school, Yoshin Aikido.  Inoue O’sensei was trained by him in aikido and graded to 3rd Dan.

It is a very comprehensive style.

All the research and work done by Inoue O’sensei and Taira resulted in a very extensive curriculum of 42 traditional weapons kata and their related Kihon, Tsukai-kata, Kumite and Bunkai.  There are also 41 traditional Karate kata, and related Kihon, Taijutsu, Bunkai and other techniques.

Yuishinkai Kobujutsu is truly a classical martial art. Yuishinkai Kobujutsu asks you to give it your heart and total commitment.


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