Chapter Eight


APRIL 1498
  • Lord Tanakaminomoto tests and accepts the Sword
  • He visits the Abbot of Kencho-ji
  • The sword is named
  • Lord Tanakaminomoto follows the road past the bamboo grove

Ryu Kyu KobujutsuLord Tanakaminomoto no Yasuyosi was standing in the small yard of the Yasukuni house.  After waiting for nearly two months he had travelled from Kyoto to Kamakura to receive the sword that had been made for him.  He finally placed it in his Obi to indicate his acceptance of the sword.

He did some of the basic kenjutsu techniques to get the feel of the new sword.

The sword had perfect balance – so much so – that it actually felt light in his hands.

He stood in front of the shrine and clapped his hands twice to get the attention of the Kami. He silently bowed his head and asked the Kami to give the sword a long and honourable life.

It was a short five-minute walk to the temple.  At some point during his meditation a thought flashed through his mind – sword’s name?  This was followed by two other quick mental images – the mists of Kamakura and the recently built temple in Kyoto, Ginkakuji – the silver temple. He named it   ‘Sora no Giniro no Kasumi’ “The Silver Mist of Heaven”.

He and his bodyguards mounted their horses for the ride back to the ryokan, which was near the sea.    They would soon reach the very big bamboo grove with its unusual, straight pathway.

The history of the sword had begun in that year of 1498 during the Meio era.  This perfectly forged katana would ultimately affect the lives of many people for years to come.


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