Chapter Twelve


  • We are in for a busy time
  • The Yokosuna district of Shimizu
  • The Shimizu Ginza
  • Evening in the ryokan
  • Memories – Starting to train in Kobujutsu – 1985
  • Some philosophical thoughts

Ryu Kyu KobujutsuWe were in for a busy time over the next week.  From Wednesday there were three solid days of training – some seven hours a day.  After that, there was a further whole day rehearsing for the demonstrations and the memorial service for O’sensei.  The last day, Sunday, was the actual memorial service in a big convention centre in Shizuoka City.

We arrived at the Ginza to investigate the shops and decide what to buy.  We visited some shops from previous trips.

Evening time in the Ryokan.

The peaceful atmosphere of Shimizu has always helped me to think about my life, the martial arts and the significant part it has played in my life.  As I lay there, I thought about the martial arts to which I have devoted myself to since 1985…………

I have always counted myself extremely fortunate in finding a traditional martial art Sensei.  Someone, to whom the martial arts came first and pecuniary matters, came second.

Philosophical thoughts

What many modern martial artists tend to forget, is that the masters of the old Ryu understood that the Mind, Body and Spirit are totally integrated.  Each one is dependent on the other and they each need to be developed properly in any martial arts training. Yuishinkai Kobujutsu does this very effectively.

I will always be grateful for my martial arts training.  I have travelled to Japan about every three years for training.  I have travelled to Taiwan and Mainland China a number of times for Chikung and Tai Chi training.  I have learnt many things about life. My mind continued to sift through the sands of time.


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